Since 2010 Florida has cut local health spending by 41%

According to a joint study by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Associated Press, administration after administration in Florida had slashed state and local spending on healthcare leaving it woefully unprepared for the Covid pandemic.

“The reality, unfortunately, is people are going to die because of the irresponsibility of the decisions being made by the people crafting the budgets,” said Ron Bialek, president of the Public Health Foundation, a nonprofit in Washington, D.C

Although the population of Florida has grown by 2.4 million since 2010 making Florida the third most populous state, its Health Department staffing fell by 3297employees

According to the joint study, “Health experts blame the funding cuts on the Great Recession and choices by a series of governors who wanted to move publicly funded state services to for-profit companies. And when the pandemic took hold, they say, residents got mixed messages about prevention strategies like wearing masks from Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and other political leaders.”

“One voice is so critical during a pandemic,” said Dr. Jonathan Kantor, a Jacksonville epidemiologist and dermatologist. “We have to have … consistent leadership that is modeling behavior if we want to get people to change their behaviors.”

Instead the DeSantis regime has been trying undercut rules and minimize critics, The Palm Beach Post reported that state leaders told school boards they needed health department approval to keep schools closed, then instructed health directors not to give it.

Unfortunately, because of the mixed messages from the DeSantis’ administration, “People think they should be listening to politicians and state legislative leaders about their health care. They’re not listening to health experts and the epidemiologists who say if you just wear a mask and if you just wash your hands, we can really, really reduce the spread of the virus,” said Senator Cruz, “People are confused, and they think this is a hoax and it’s nothing more than the flu.”

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