Kat Cammack didn’t serve in the military and no matter how many times she refers to her college, that fact won’t change.

My father, a fighter pilot, Vietnam vet, and recipient of the Silver Star, graduated from the US Naval Academy and the National War College. I never heard him talk too much about the War College, but I hear it referred to a lot by one of Florida’s politicians, Kat Cammack who is running against Adam Christensen in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District.

In most cases, politicians don’t make the college they graduated from a reason to vote for them, so it’s a bit strange Cammack keeps referring to her college. You might not know it from listening to her, but she never served in the military. Never. She was a civilian student at the National War College and she remained a civilian after she graduated. She wraps herself in the War College blanket, hoping you’ll think that she served but no matter how she spins it, she didn’t.

Her attempt to make college sound like military service is a little like Trump saying his military high school years are the same as actual military service, it’s insulting to every US servicemen who ever served. On this note, I would like to ask Kat a question.

I live in Marion County, and as I mentioned, Dad graduated from the United States Naval Academy. He was a Navy test pilot, did two tours in Vietnam and he received the Silver Star and two Distinguished Flying Crosses.

Dad was awarded one Distinguished Flying Cross for helping to save the life of a downed helicopter pilot. While flying circles around the crash site, Dad protected the pilot from Vietcong who were attempting to capture him. While waiting for the rescue helicopter from the ship and at risk of being shot down himself, his aircraft became dangerously low on fuel. Dad expected he would either eject as the aircraft flamed out or ditch his F8 Crusader into the Gulf of Tonkin. Neither scenario was a good one, not for him or his family waiting at home in San Diego.

Peter, John and Simone Cane. USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42) Mayport, Florida. Photo by Guy Cane

Regardless of the danger, Dad remained overhead until help arrived, and the pilot was rescued. When Dad landed on the aircraft carrier, his tanks were literally empty.

As a politician in support of Donald Trump, you know that he’s made comments about Americans who served in the military and I would like to hear your thoughts on them. As a potential constituent of yours and taxpayer, I feel it’s only fair that you respond.

Donald Trump has referred to more than 1,800 Marines who died at Belleau Wood as “suckers and losers”. Trump also referred to President George H. W. Bush as a “loser” for being shot down in World War II.

About John McCain, a Naval pilot, and POW who was shot down over Vietnam and tortured, he said, “He’s not a war hero. I like people who weren’t captured.”  John McCain’s father eventually became Commander-in-Chief of all US Pacific forces and the Vietcong seeing an opportunity, offered McCain his freedom as a propaganda stunt. Heroically, McCain refused and for that, they tortured him. Think about it, the man fought for our country, was shot down, was captured, and after he was captured he refused to be moved to the head of the line for early release as a propaganda stunt, and for that he was tortured severely.

“He’s not a war hero. I like people who weren’t captured.” Says the man who avoided Vietnam with a pass via ankle bone spurs.

In 2017 Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly and Donald Trump visited Arlington National Cemetery where John Kelly’s son Robert is buried. Robert Kelly is buried in Section 60, just one section over from my father in section 59. 

Marine First Lieutenant Robert Kelly was killed in 2010 in Afghanistan at the age of 29. According to the Washington Post, “Trump was meant to join John Kelly in paying respects at his son’s grave and to comfort the families of other fallen service members. But according to sources with knowledge of this visit, Trump, while standing by Robert Kelly’s grave, turned directly to his father and said, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?”

Captain Guy Cane Arlington National Cemetery

Being such a Donald Trump supporter, and supposed supporter of our military, where do you stand on these insulting comments about America’s servicemen?

One can’t help but notice your silence Kat Cammack, you are as silent as our military heroes buried under their crosses in Arlington and Belleau Wood, as silent as those who died in Iwo Jima, as those who fought in Lexington and Concord. Now the time for silence is over, is Donald Trump correct? Was my father as Trump says, “a sucker and a loser”?

Speak up Cammack, I can’t hear you.

Peter Cane.

Citra Florida.

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