Republican Candidate in St. Pete attempts to use peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration to fan racial fears.

After a night of peaceful demonstrations following the Brianna Taylor announcement, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the St. Petersburg Police Department announced that they had made no arrests involving any protestors. Perhaps Florida Republicans would finally give Black Lives Matter their due and stop threatening peaceful protesters with stiff sentences for dubiously defined crimes. Unfortunately, as Anna Luna has shown us, about this, you would be wrong.

Anna Luna is a Republican in St Petersburg who is running against Charlie Crist. For Luna, Black Lives Matter is simply an opportunity to gather more votes by irresponsibly fanning the flames of fear in white communities.

Three protesters in a short video sit down on two empty chairs at an outdoor restaurant. One female protester sits on the other female’s lap after politely asking for permission. The table has a white couple sitting in the other two chairs. The table is located almost in the middle of the demonstration. The video starts when a young black man sits down in one of the empty seats, and the white woman gets up out of her chair, shouting and shooing with her napkin, she actually attempts to remove the young black man from the chair. He stays, not physically interacting with the white woman. Words are spoken. Later in the video, the diners are seen smiling, the husband almost laughing, maybe it was because of the man blowing the shofar. No one pressed any charges although it seemed clear, the young black man was the only one who may have been assaulted.

In the end, no one felt there was a big enough problem to press charges or do anything about it, except of course one Anna Luna. Luna took this non-story and ran screaming “This is not America”. She attempted to imply these people were not protesters but some form of harassing rioters.

A black man calling a woman, who may have just assaulted him, an “ugly ass white woman”, is not a “crime”, it never has been. DeSantis and Luna clearly would like it to be a crime, one with a heavy penalty, especially if it stopped just one Black person from voting.

What Luna did is twist what was a peaceful BLM protest into a racist dog whistle pandering to white fears in St. Petersburg. She also used BLM in the most hypocritical way possible to attack Charlie Crist, criticizing him for not calling out the protesters. Unfortunately, Crist took the bait and when he did, she criticized him for not “standing up to safety”. Crist, blindsided by Luna fell for it.

Well, I’m not. Those kids didn’t assault anyone one and they didnt damage any property.

Support Black Lives Matter.

You can find Luna’s Twitter post here.

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