County Health Departments told not to share school COVID Data.

As the state of Florida surpasses 640,000 cases of Covid, Florida County Health Departments will no longer be allowed to release information on the numbers of covid cases in Florida county schools.

This order comes after judge Judge Charles Dodson in Tallahassee called Gov. Ron DeSantis’ original order forcing schools to open in August “unconstitutional”. He went on to write, “Potential irreparable injury will be suffered by hundreds of thousands of school children, many teachers and the community at large” if the order was not vacated.

“Because it’s confidential information, I can’t continue to release that data to the public in that format,” Raul Pino, the local Orange County state health officer, said during a press conference Thursday according to The Hill. Other Health Departments in Florida are now appearing to make the same claim.

According to FlaglerLive, “The state health department’s claim that the information about school cases is confidential is highly dubious and does not appear to be backed up by an exemption in the state’s public record law, since the information in question is purely statistical, not identifying, and not much different than the pediatric report the state health department is routinely issuing about cases affecting children. That report is broken down by county and by age groups, but it does not go further into a school-by-school breakdown.

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