As some University of Florida students are quarantined, parent’s concerns grow.

In a surprising development, the University of Florida announced that it was seeing a rise in the number of Covid cases on campus.

Students who test positive are being told to quarantine in 600 beds located in the Graduate student and Family Housing dormatories. Unexpectedly, the graduate students and other families living in thses housing units were not happy about this new development. The university posted this statement on Facebook:

“The increase in positive cases we are seeing on campus this weekend is in keeping with what the University of Florida and UF Health anticipated and planned for, and we have resources in place to address the uptick in numbers, which will likely continue for some time in the wake of the holiday weekend.”

The university does have 600 beds available to quarantine students. One of the problems that quarantined students are facing, other than the grad students and the families, is a lack of transportation for them and their belongings and a lack of access to food while quarantined. Furthermore, parents have concerns about the fact that UF is only posting the number of total cumulative cases of Covid, it is not providing the day to day increases. This has many parents complaining about a lack of transparency and a difficulty in understanding the severity of the outbreak. You can see the UF Dashboard here  Many other universities post daily and cumulative totals on their dashboards so it’s not totally clear why the University of Florida has chosen not to do the same.

One student posted, “I tested positive for COVID yesterday and immediately called the school to get set up in a quarantine dorm. Upon calling, they told me to pack my stuff and find a way to get to the dorm. They did not provide transportation, so I had to risk infecting an uber driver (with a car seat in the back). Since I am on a declining balance instead of a meal plan, I’m not provided any food and have to find a way to get some for two weeks.

I’m getting tested again tomorrow but again still no transportation provided to the testing site so I have to take the public bus. The dorms themselves are gross (i think you can expect that from a UF dorm), but you still think they would have more accommodations for those with covid. They also don’t monitor our activity at all, students can leave whenever they want to. I feel like this is either illegal or unethical. Here’s a link to petition for UF to provide transportation:

Meanwhile, according to WCJB Gainesville, Alachua County has just posted the largest increase in Covid cases of any county in Central Florida.

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