Was Trump hoping to give Biden COVID at the debate?

Opinion, Updated.

Trump and his family flagrantly violated the mask policy at the debates, removing their mask as soon as they sat down. Trump showed up at the debate to late to be tested for the virus. Trump knew Hope Hicks was ill on Wednesday, possibly sooner. Hicks self-quarantined on Air Force One on Wednesday night, Trump made no public announcement until days later and only after the press had picked up on the story, .  

Trump said in a very very carefully worded phrase, “She did test positive. I just heard about this,” and making this limited admission only after Bloomberg News reported Hick’s positive test. He doesn’t deny knowing that Hicks was sick only knowing about her positive test. Hicks was at the debate if Trump suspected Hicks was ill, he had a moral responsibility to tell the Biden campain and the rest of the attendees. The Trump campaign made no effort to let the Biden camp know they might have been exposed.

Consider the ramifications of Trump getting COVID for the Trump campaign. The best-case scenario means no press briefings, no rallies, no campaigning, and at the least, 10 days of quarantine. Were Trump to get a serious case of COVID, if he required hospitalization, if he needed a respirator, one might assume the race could be over.

Trump tweeted at 1 am on Friday that he and Malaria had COVID-19.  The Trump campaign could have given the Biden campaign a two days heads up to prepare and isolate, (Tuesday night to Thursday night) instead, they gave nothing. The Biden Campaign only learned of Hicks, Trump’s and Melania’s infection via the news media.

I think it’s fair to ask, when did Trump suspect that that he had COVID, and most importantly, did he sucpect it before the debate? So far there doesn’t seem to be any direct evidence of that fact. But there are some reasons to cause one to wonder.

Part of the rules of the debate stipulated that everyone who showed up for the debate was to be tested and be tested negative. According to Chris Wallace from Fox News who moderated the debate, this requirement was based on an honor system. Wallace also stated the “rules required everyone in the building to wear a mask, the only exceptions were Trump, Biden and himself.” When President Donald Trump looked over the stage set-up, “members of the commission (on presidential debates) were not especially happy with the fact that the presidential party was not wearing a mask” during the walk-through.

After entering the building and sitting down, the entire Trump family removed their masks. They were offered new masks by the Cleveland Clinic but they waved them away. Photos from the debate showed Trump’s children Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Malaria Trump not wearing masks. Everyone knows that COVID spreads via air. After entering, the Biden family and staffers were seated with their masks on and the Biden family masks remained on through the entire debate.

What is going on here? Was this an attempt to give Biden the virus? What possible explanation is there for this strange behavior from Trump and the Trump family? I think it’s more than a fair question and without full transparency from the Trump administration, the media should be asking these questions more forcefully.

Peter Cane

Citra Fl.

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