Report on the Vote counting Process in Marion County

One of our Democratic poll watchers in Marion County has been doing us a great service by reporting on the vote-counting process, I’ve reprinted his full report here, although I replaced names (other than the judges) with first initials.

“The workers processed 3,000 new VBM Ballots today,  They were done before noon as they have the capacity to process up to about 16,000 ballots a day.  Along with J., I observed the Canvass Board (CB) members review three blank VBM Ballots – These are no votes. We also observed 75 “over votes” whereby voters marked two candidates for the same office.  Because voter intent cannot be determined, the duplicate vote portion of the ballot cannot be counted, but the remaining clearly marked portion of the ballot is processed. Three ballots that came in the correct envelope were rejected because they were from a different election.  There were also 25 ballots that required the CB to create a duplicate ballot for each one. Because these ballots had irregular markings that the machine/computer could not decipher, they could not be processed.  Each of these were reviewed by the CB, agreed, duplicated and then processed and thus accounted for.  Though J. and I continue to ask questions about everything and anything that we think may be eschew, there were no decisions made or actions taken that were irrational.  
There was, for the first time in  SOE Wilcox’ experience, said he, a challenge put forth from a family member with a power of attorney.  The person with the power of attorney claimed to have authority over their family member’s vote.  The CB with Judge McCune present, took an hour to consider the legal argument.  In the end the vote was counted as submitted. 
All is well at the Marion County Canvass Board.  It’s been “On the up and up,”  but we continue to watch carefully.

Thank you Don! Glad to hear its running smoothly.

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