Why are we not seeing an investigation into the abettors of the Capitol attack?

Unfortunately, not everyone was disturbed by events that unfolded at the Capitol last week. Some see it as a patriotic act. More disturbing is the growing belief that within our own government, some military, law enforcement, and even members of Congress may be complicit in preparing the groundwork for the storming of the Capitol and attempting to use the situation to nullify the election. Clearly, Donald Trump weaponized his followers and directed them at the Capitol but did a coordinated plan exist within segments of our own Government to take advantage of that attack and use it to nullify the election and keep Donald Trump in power?

The slow response to the attack by federal troops and law enforcement has disturbed many of us. Even now, law enforcement appears slow to follow up on these crimes. People are getting arrested, but it is taking place slowly. The charges being brought seem anemic compared to the severity of the crimes. The most common charge is entering a restricted building without lawful authority and or violent entry and disorderly conduct. Photos of rioters with police style plastic handcuffs, or rioters beating police, make it clear that at least for some, their intent was more than simple entry.

Some rioters were aware of the locations of Senator’s undisclosed offices and entered and destroyed them. Locations of these offices are not generally available to the public and the question becomes from whom did they acquire this information?

Is Donald Trump’s Administration and the government committed to capture and prosecute the people who planned this crime? I for one do not have any confidence that a fair investigation will be conducted at any level within the government while Trump is President. According to Politico, one of the pro-Trump rioters told The New York Times that a Capitol Police officer directed them to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer’s office.  Democratic leaders must make it clear that any Government official that destroys or hides evidence of a crime will be held liable.

It has been tragically reported that US Capitol Police Officer Liebengood may have killed himself in the days after the riots. What has not been generally reported by main media outlets is that Liebengood’s father was a past U.S. Senate sergeant-at-arms and a Washington lobbyist. He was also a business acquaintance of Paul Manafort and Rodger Stone. The connections maybe a coincidence but they must be looked at closely.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who has since resigned, said his supervisors, both House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger refused to put the Guard on call in the days previous to the demonstration. Both have resigned. Stenger has refused to discuss the issue publicly or with congressional leaders.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sund recalled saying “I am making an urgent, urgent immediate request for National Guard assistance,”. “I have got to get boots on the ground.” On the call with him were “several officials from the D.C. government, as well as officials from the Pentagon. The D.C. contingent was flabbergasted to hear a top Army official say he could not recommend that his boss, (Acting) Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, approve the request.”

McCarthy was appointed as Acting by Donald Trump. He is the same man who deployed helicopters against protesters in DC last summer, an act which is still under investigation.

Clearly, arresting the rioters must be accomplished, but we must demand a serious investigation to collect evidence of coordination at higher levels. So far there is no evidence that evidence is being collected or an investigation is happening. The question has to be answered, did others in the government attempt to capitalize on the attack on the Capitol in a seditious attempt to nullify the election?

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