The Marion County patriot is written by the people and created for the people of the state of Florida.  Its goals are to:

  1. Foster teamwork and resource sharing between activist groups in Florida.
  2. Inform Marion County residences about issues important Florida and to the Progressive community.
  3. Engage and motivate the citizens of Marion County and the rest of Florida to vote for Progressive and Democratic candidates.
  4. Encourage Progressive and Democratic leaders in Marion County to run for office.

Our articles and interviews are “crowd-sourced” by “Florida citizen journalists”. There are many diverse activist groups spread throughout Florida, we are here to support these communities through community education, communication, outreach, and training.

Progressive groups thrive when they support each other’s joint actions and demonstrations. This platform is designed to help foster that support and teamwork.

Perhaps you have an opinion you want to be published or a story about your group you want to be told. If it’s about Florida, together with you, we can spread the word.

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