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Racism in Marion County has been a long term problem. We are working to end racism once and for all

Important Update: Ocala Police Chief Graham tells the Patriot that the idea of posting...

Ocala City Police Chief Graham, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods and Republican Supervisor of Elections, Wesley Wilcox have decided that Marion County law enforcement will be present at all voting locations in Marion County.
BLM St Pete

Republican Candidate in St. Pete attempts to use peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration to...

Perhaps Florida Republicans would finally give Black Lives Matter their due and stop threatening their peaceful protesters with stiff sentences for dubiously defined crimes? Unfortunately, as Anna Luna has shown us, about this you would be wrong.
Trump Nazi salute Stern magazine

Trump Denies all Men are Created Equal.

President Trump shreds the constitution, believes that all men are NOT created equal. Espouses Nazi eugenics and racehorse theory.
protect detained children

Children: New Horrific Trump Administration Abuses

In a chilling story, The New York Times reported the Trump administration has given MVM Inc of Ashville Virginia a 300 million...
Jim Morrison Mugshot

On The Publishing of Mugshots

Imagine you get arrested for a crime you did not commit, it happens. After the police take your mug shot your face...
Retired Brig. Gen. Reg Urschler in his vintage P-51 warplane, named Gunfighter. Urschler celebrating his 80th birthday in 2015.

Ret. Brig Gen USAF: Let the Protests Continue Until the War on Racism is...

By Ret. Brig. Gen. Reg Urschler  June 9, 2020 “It is time for the riots and protests...

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Veteran-Sponsored Bay Co., Fla. Hurricane Relief Spring 2021 DeploymentTruck will stop...

Veteran-Sponsored Bay Co., Fla. Hurricane Relief Spring 2021 DeploymentTruck will stop in Ocala at 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 11,to pick up donations: 3520 NE 49th...
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