Adam Christenson

Adam Christenson’s race for Congress is going to be very close. His campaign is...

We are very close to sending Adam Christenson to Congress, but we need your help with calls and canvassing. Clay and Marion...
Donald Trump Hope Hicks

Was Trump hoping to give Biden COVID at the debate?

Opinion, Updated. Trump and his family flagrantly violated the mask policy at the debates, removing their mask as...

Great Turnout for Riden with Biden in Ocala.

Coming home from a great turn out for Riden with Biden in Ocala Florida, we heard the very sad news about Ruth...
Marion County Florida Candidates to vote for!

Meet the Marion Candidates: Virtual Town Hall Oct 3rd, 10 am

The Republicans have spent decades strategizing the election of federal and state officials. They have commandeered many states including Florida where in...

Kat Cammack didn’t serve in the military and no matter how many times she...

Recently, Donald Trump made some comments about Americans who served in the military and I would like to hear your thoughts on them as they apply to my late father. As a potential constituent of yours and an actual taxpayer, I feel it’s only fair that you respond.
Adam Christensen

Adam Christensen Flipping Florida’s FL-03

Help Adam Christensen win Fl-03 in November! “I believe that if you work 8 hours a day, you should be able to afford a home, a family, and have a little money left over at the end of the month”

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Veteran-Sponsored Bay Co., Fla. Hurricane Relief Spring 2021 DeploymentTruck will stop...

Veteran-Sponsored Bay Co., Fla. Hurricane Relief Spring 2021 DeploymentTruck will stop in Ocala at 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 11,to pick up donations: 3520 NE 49th...
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