Environmental issues effecting Ocala and Marion County

In Micanopy: Preserve American Heritage & Stop Dollar General. TONIGHT!

Micanopy: Preserve American Heritage & Stop Dollar General MONDAY NIGHT

Coastal Connector toll road plan canceled

The DOT has canceled plans to build a Coastal Connector toll road parts...

Could Fracking come to Marion County?

Farm land endangered

It's an important issue, you got something to say?

We help Florida's Marion County activists get their message heard. If you are an activist in Marion County, We want to hear your story. It doesnt cost a dime, and we can help.

Ron DeSantis’ vaguely worded bill is designed to end your right to protest.

It should come as no surprise that in many states the Republican Party is attempting through vaguely worded...

The Florida Government is attempting to silence your right to protest.

Recently State Capitols have seen a concerning push for broad anti-protest bills in response to BLM marches. According to Ally Brown writing...

From Josh Hawley, it’s too little, too late.

Senator Josh Hawley’s argument that Democrats are calling him an “insurrectionist” because of his objection to the election is a complete misdirection....
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